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Our office locations are:

CFOIC Heartland РIsrael 
International Headquarters
P.O. Box 752
Karnei Shomron
Tel. / Fax: 972-9-792-0958
e-mail: shmuel@cfoic.com
Attn: Shmuel Junger

CFOIC Heartland – U.S. North American Headquarters
7661 McLaughlin Rd, #255
Falcon, CO 80831
Tel: 800-647-3344
e-mail: kim@cfoic.com
Attn: Kim Troup

CFOIC Heartland – Germany
Christliche Freunde Israelischer Siedlungen
Tubizer Str. 20
D- 70825 Korntal-Muenchingen
Tel: 0711-8386393
Fax: 0711-8386339
e-mail: cfis.deutschland@web.de
Attn: Wilfried Bullinger

CFOIC Heartland – Holland
Marktplein 6
Oldemarkt 8357 AZ
Tel: (0) 561-451905
Fax: (0) 33-2460412
e-mail: swan@fampoot.com
Attn: Henk Poot

If you have questions or comments please send us an email at info@cfoic.com