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A Visit With Shmuel: Otniel

Join me now, as I enter Otniel...

Join me as I visit the community of Otniel, a religious Zionist community located in the south Hebron Hills. The people of Otniel are united in their dedication to Biblical values and Bible study, with a large number of residents working as educators in several local Bible institutions and raising the next generation of religious pioneers. Surrounded by hostile Arab villages, Otniel has been attacked mercilessly with some of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Israel over the years. But despite the continued threat, these idealistic pioneers remain committed to holding on to their ancestral land.

I hope to see you in Israel soon! I would love to take you to visit Otniel and introduce you, in person, to its spiritual and welcoming pioneers. Until then, please join me on this virtual tour for a taste of this special community in the Hebron Hills.

God Bless,

Shmuel Junger
Development Director
CFOIC Heartland

Over the past year, you have helped the people of Otniel meet some of their most urgent emergency needs — an emergency generator for the local daycare and a fire-engine shed.

Naaran is another community with urgent security needs. The residents of Naaran, an agricultural community in the Jordan Valley, are committed to putting down deep roots and settling in the sparsely inhabited land. But in times of security crisis, the pastoral atmosphere of this farming community abruptly changes, as deep-seated hostility rears its ugly head. Recently, Arabs entered the community completely undetected by Naaran’s outdated security equipment!  Click here to help purchase the security equipment so desperately needed to ensure the safety of Naaran’s young families.   Your gift will save lives!