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A Visit With Shmuel: Givat Hanan

Join me now, as I enter Givat Hanan...

Givat Hanan represents the pioneering spirit in Judea and Samaria. Two years ago, in response to the increasing number of Arabs encroaching on Jewish land in the area, eleven young families, dedicated to protecting the Jewish claim to the land of their ancestors established a new neighborhood of Sussya. They willingly exchanged their comfortable homes in the already established community of Sussya with rickety, small, temporary caravans on a barren, undeveloped hilltop, adjacent to a small forest, for the privilege of protecting Jewish land.

Today, this young idealistic neighborhood numbers just eleven temporary homes on a slightly less barren hilltop. There is a small synagogue, a single outdoor play structure for the younger children, and an asphalt-paved basketball court for the older children, a recent upgrade from a basketball hoop nailed to a tree trunk. Life may be simple on this serene hill, yet it is rich with hope and purpose, where growing families raise their children on Biblical values while settling the Biblical Heartland.

It would be my pleasure to take you to Givat Hanan and introduce you in person to these dedicated, wonderful pioneers. But until then, join me for this virtual tour and get a sense of this inspiring community in the Hebron Hills.

God Bless,

Shmuel Junger
Development Director
CFOIC Heartland

5 thoughts on “A Visit With Shmuel: Givat Hanan”

  1. Refreshing , slightly amazed this is how Jewish community seems to have to develop but well versed in socialism and it’s problems so not too surprised and knowing Israel squanders 70% of its GPD on weapons defence and lobby issues Globally . But I will follow this issue with admiration and and a degree of pride at Humanity and it’s spirit .

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