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biblical heartland

Shaarei Tikva – Keeping Families Safe.

While the community continues to mourn the loss of their security chief and dear friend, they know that if he were still alive he would discourage them from letting one act of hatred stop them from following their God-given purpose. He would encourage them to build another house, hold their babies close, and tell their loved ones that they love them.

[:en]Letter From Sondra – Sep 2018[:de]Sondra – Sep 2018[:nl]Sondra – Sep 2018[:]

[:en]For years now, as I travel and speak to Christian audiences all over the world, I encounter Christians who are excited about Judea and Samaria.  Their eyes light up when I talk about modern-day Hebron and being able to visit the actual Herodian structure built over the tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah.  They are amazed that there are current excavations going on in Biblical Shiloh where they can visit the site of the Tabernacle and learn more about the Biblical history of this special place.[:de]Dieser Sommer entlang unserer Grenze zum Gazastreifen war ein Wahnsinn. Jeden Tag haben arabische Terroristen, einschließlich Kinder und Teenager, Branddrachen und -ballone über den Zaun in die Felder, Wälder und Ortschaften im westlichen Negev geschickt. Die entstandenen Feuer haben Felder kurz vor der Ernte vernichtet und einen Schaden in Höhe von vielen Millionen Dollar verursacht. Es ist ein Wunder, dass niemand durch diese vielen Feuer getötet wurde. Wahrlich, Gott behütet uns. Von Zeit zu Zeit verstärkt die Hamas diese Angriffe mit Mörsergranaten und Raketen. Allein in zwei Tagen im August wurden 180 Raketen auf Israel abgeschossen.[:nl]Deze zomer was krankzinnig aan onze zuidelijke grens met Gaza. Elke dag, zonden Arabische terroristen, ook kinderen en tieners, brandende vliegers en ballonnen met explosieven over het hek maar onze akkers, bossen en dorpen in de westelijke Negev. Miljoenen dollars aan schade was er door branden die onze velden vernietigden die klaar stonden om geoogst te worden. Het was een wonder dat niemand gedood werd door deze branden.G-d waakt werkelijk over ons.[:]

Bet Yatir – Youth Center Makes a BIG Difference

The Bet Yatir Youth Center has seen hundreds of teens grow up within its walls.  Today, those walls are shabby. This is where you come in. The parents of Bet Yatir are asking you to invest in their teens.  They know the potential within their teens. They are asking you to make a donation so they can refurbish the well-used youth center and make it look new again.

The Right Perspective Will Prevail

They could have complained bitterly about having to settle in an army camp. They could have given up.  But instead, they had faith.  They knew they could do it.  They knew this was the beginning of a monumental  movement to settle Samaria. And they were right.  Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Samaria and close to half a million throughout Judea and Samaria.  They were right because they heeded Moses’ call to G-d to disperse the enemies. They were right because they heeded Caleb’s call: “Let us go up for we can do it!”

You Can Help a Family in Need!

By: Avital Stern-Buchnick This month, we have focused on helping the neediest families in Samaria with their greatest need during the harsh winter – heat!  For years, through the Samaria Family Assistance Program, we have provided food parcels for these families, especially during the holidays.  But today, we have been asked to help them with … Read more

The people of Tekoa are safer because of you!

The people of Tekoa gathered the strength to keep going, working, building, believing that settling the land and raising children in the Biblical heartland, with their strong values, are the best ways they can contribute to Israel’s future.

Murder is Murder is Murder

A person who takes a gun or explosives or a knife and seeks out victims whom he doesn’t know, who have not harmed him in any way, who do not threaten his safety and security, and who murders those people in cold blood — this is a horrific crime that has no place in human society. This is murder and there can be no understanding and no acceptance of this act.


The senior center will be open every morning so that seniors have a place to go, rather than staying home alone. The community has already designated a building for this wonderful center, but they have no funding for programming and activities. The community is now turning to you, for help with the cost of lectures and creative workshops for the seniors. This gift will improve quality of life for Rachel and others like her living in this rural community. It will give them reason to get up and out of the house each day.

Aliyah in Practice – Fulfilling Prophecy!

This is what Israel is all about. We have come from the four corners of the earth to build one nation, one country. Our enemies say the Jews should go back to Poland. But we are not from Poland, nor are we from the United States nor from Yemen. We are from the Land of Israel.

Reflections on the News


I see now with my own children, that news is very much a part of our lives. They live the news. When the government was threatening to give away Gush Katif, my daughters LIVED the news, making their way to a community in Gaza, being some of the last people to be pulled from the synagogue as the army took over. Maybe the news is such a part of us because Israel is ours. Maybe it’s because we’re so small and vulnerable. Maybe it’s because we care so much.