In 1967, Israel miraculously liberated the Biblical heartland of Israel. Since then, Jews have been settling in Judea and Samaria, building and growing the land, raising their children and fulfilling prophecy.  CFOIC Heartland speakers will tell you their stories as they share their own personal story.  They will inspire you with the ideology and faith behind the Settlement movement and update you on what is happening in the most important part of the Land of Israel today.

Sondra Baras
Shmuel Junger
Kimberly Troup

Some of our most popular presentations:

  • Fighting for Israel – Memoirs from an IDF Soldier
  • Abraham: The First Zionist
  • Modern Israel: The Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
  • Judea and Samaria or the West Bank?
  • God’s Purpose for a Chosen People
  • Judea and Samaria – From Abraham to Today
  • From America to Samaria: A Personal Journey
  • Delve into the Bible from an Orthodox Jewish Perspective
  • Christian – Jewish Relations: Dawn of a Totally New Era
  • Shechem, Hebron, and Jerusalem – Title Deeds to the Land
  • Malcah’s Story – Finding Your Place in God’s Plan
  • Following God’s Plan – Do What Caleb Did

What is required to host a CFOIC Heartland event:

  • A free will love offering to bless Israel taken up by the meeting’s host following the presentation
  • Distribution of CFOIC material and sign-up sheet, enabling participants to receive ongoing updates and get connected to CFOIC
  • Technical ability to show CFOIC Heartland films during the presentation
  • Best effort is made to attract as large an audience as possible
  • The hosting church or group will pay for one night/one room at a hotel