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Reflections from Israel- Part 3

It’s time for Christians to Consider Anti-Semitism

Christians all over the world to bless Israel, presents a Jewish perspective on Christian Anti-Semitism. Tommy Waller, a Christian Zionist, explains how he gradually became aware of this terrible history and relates his commitment to educating Christians and creating a new relationship between Christians and Jews.

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Have you ever wondered about Rabbinic Judaism?

Christians all over the world to bless Israel, explains Rabbinic Judaism, including an introduction to Talmud, Midrash and Jewish law, while Tommy Waller, a Christian Zionist, shares the experiences he has had in conversations with rabbis and Jewish friends during his time in Israel.

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The Helpers

Israel is a celebration of Jewish strength. And from the beginning, it was the youth who took the lead in the fighting, settling, and sacrifices that were essential to the creation and sustenance of the new State of Israel.

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Re-Living Passover

This re-living of the Passover story is a monumental event in the Jewish calendar, and every year, families convene to celebrate together.

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Passover Holiday

Cooking for Passover is a bit like preparing for Christmas dinner, except that it’s three Christmas dinners in a row, no bread is allowed, and the whole extended family has turned out to attend!

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Israel has shut down

Schools are closed. Offices, restaurants, factories, and workplaces are locked and shuttered, their workers holed up in their homes with bated breath, waiting for the newest update, the newest mandate, the newest rule we must follow to keep ourselves safe from disease.

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Rejoice in the Relationship

When I was very little, my father took me outside on the eve of the first day of Adar, the Hebrew month in which we celebrate the holiday of Purim. Evening was a deep blue bowl studded with glittering stars.

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The Least of These

Because of Christians like you, who care about special needs children and their families who are living in Biblical Israel, Heart of Benjamin is a reality!

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