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Newsletters - Part 68

January 2014

Wieder ein neues Jahr! Unglaublich, wie schnell die Zeit vergeht. Mit dem Jahr 2014 beginnen wir das 17. aktive Jahr von CFOIC Heartland in Israel und das 19. Jahr seit die Organisation in Colorado, USA konzipiert wurde. Es ist seitdem sehr viel passiert und vieles hat sich geändert! Als ich das israelische Büro von CFOIC […]

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The Irony of a Bulldozer

Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon passed away yesterday afternoon.  It is an opportunity to review the life and legacy of this man who for so much of Israel’s history held positions of leadership and influence.  Beginning in Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, Sharon distinguished himself on the battlefield, rising to become one of Israel’s […]

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The Blessing of Snow – December 2013

It started snowing on Wednesday evening and kept snowing.  On Thursday, Judea was covered in snow, in Gush Etzion and in Hebron.  I was supposed to meet a tour group in Hebron that day but it was cancelled — there was no way to get anywhere near that area. Where I live, in Karnei Shomron, […]

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France – Israel’s ally – November 19, 2013

President Francois Hollande landed in Israel yesterday for what would be the longest visit of this French president in a foreign country.  The visit could not happen at a more opportune time.  Just last week, negotiations between the western nations and Iran broke down when France refused to approve the concessions that the other western […]

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