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Newsletters - Part 65

Bringing the Torah to Roi

This past Friday I participated in a moving ceremony in the Jordan Valley that I would like to share with you.  Very dear friends of mine decided to commission the writing of a Torah Scroll in order to donate it to a community in need.  A Torah Scroll contains the entire text of the Five […]

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We Are One

The roller coaster ride that is living in Israel!  There is no other way to describe the events of the last few days and the emotional highs and lows that we have experienced. On Sunday night there was a gathering dedicated to unity, prayer and song surrounding the kidnapping of the three young boys from […]

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Stop The Hate

Last week a Muslim terrorist opened fire and murdered four innocent civilians at the Jewish museum in Brussels.  It was Shabbat afternoon and two of the murdered victims were Israeli Jews — a couple who were touring  Belgium.  Their two daughters were home in Israel with family and after the attack on Saturday, were left […]

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Israel Independence Day

It was a wonderful day!  Today, we celebrated  Israel Independence Day, honoring 66 years of statehood, the rebirth of the Nation of Israel in the Land of Israel. The festivities began last night, after 24 hours dedicated to mourning the soldiers who gave their lives to protect the nation, and the terrorist victims who were […]

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