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Newsletters - Part 59

We’re Having a Wedding!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 I was chatting with Kim Troup yesterday by phone and she mentioned to me that the news coming out of Israel was just consistently bad — terrorist attack after terrorist attack, a massive manhunt to apprehend the terrorist who murdered two people in a Tel Aviv night club and a third […]

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Uniting with Israel against Islamic Terrorism

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed an international conference in France and, after expressing his sympathy for the people of France following the recent terrorist attack, said the following: “Both our peoples have long and bitter experience confronting terrorism. This is not surprising, because Israel and France have in common precisely […]

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New Beginnings at the Heart of Benjamin

Fall 2015 Deep in the heart of the Benjamin Region is a place where every child is accepted. It is a place where the special-needs child comes first, and gets the care and attention he or she needs and deserves. It’s a warm and inviting place, which exudes love and acceptance. It is the “Heart […]

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Solidarity with Israel Today

November 3, 2015 As I was driving home from meeting a group in Har Bracha this evening, I heard an interesting news item on Israeli radio. Walmart, the giant American department store chain, was selling costumes for Halloween last week, including a costume of an Israeli paratrooper. When pro-Palestinian customers got wind of this, they […]

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