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Newsletters - Part 34

Neuigkeiten aus dem Kernland – December 2018

Der Dezember ist die schönste Zeit des Jahres … es sei denn, er ist es nicht. In diesem Monat bin ich besonders besorgt über gefährdete Jugendliche in Israel. Es gibt zu viele und sie brauchen Ihre Hilfe. Es gibt liebevolle Erwachsene, die sich sorgen und ihnen helfen wollen, aber sie brauchen die nötigen Mittel dazu.

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The Meaning of Chanukah – Then and Now

As I write this newsletter, we have just learned that the IDF has launched a military campaign to identify and destroy a series of tunnels along Israel’s northern border that have been dug by Hezbollah to enable them to invade Israel and wreak terror and destruction.  We must constantly be vigilant against ongoing threats to our lives and our very existence as a nation. 

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The Giving of Thanks

Wow! I can’t believe we are already in the middle of November.  Where does the time go?  In America, November is a holiday month because of Thanksgiving — a national holiday that is dedicated to celebrating the blessings in our lives.  It is a day characterized by a large turkey dinner, too much food, family gatherings and football.

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