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Newsletters- Part 15

Re’eh (Behold) – Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17

We are often witness to the fact that the nations of the world hold the Jewish people and the State of Israel to a higher standard. Frankly, in most cases, those nations are not really interested in placing Israel on a higher pedestal, but creating a basis for criticism against Israel.

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The Thanks Belong to You!

August 11, 2020 by Sondra Baras A few weeks ago, we held our first annual CFOIC Heartland Conference of Judea and Samaria communities.  This was a dream of mine for some time — to gather together in one room the representatives of all the communities we work with as well as the various mayors, to […]

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Beste vriende, Nu we de maand juli binnenkomen, kijken we uit naar een dramatische verandering in de status van Judea en Samaria — Israël is vast besloten om zijn soevereiniteit toe te passen op de Joodse gemeenschappen in dit centrale Bijbelse gebied! En hoewel dit een stap is waar we lang op hebben gehoopt en […]

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