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People in My Neighborhood: Chaim and Dina

December 2011 I spoke to Dina the other day. She was having a hard time dealing with the recent anniversary of her daughter’s death. She told me that before the actual day, things are always busy with planning the yearly memorial service, so emotions are held in check. But afterwards, she finds herself left to … Read more

Reflections on Sukkot

October 2011 I found myself daydreaming last night while washing the dishes from dinner. My sink looks out onto our porch where our Feast of Tabernacle booth, our Sukka, stands, slightly darkening the kitchen. The Feast of Tabernacles is one of my favorite Jewish holidays. Maybe because it comes on the heels of the High … Read more

Reflections on The Pesach (Passover) Service

March 2010 In just two weeks, Jews from all over the world will be sitting down to the Pesach Seder, the festive meal that opens the Passover holiday. It is a culmination of weeks of preparation and anticipation. Everyone—young and old, religiously observant and secular—sits down at their holiday table, whether at a communal Seder … Read more

Oktober 2011

Oktober 2011   Een vlugge blik op de meest recente gebeurtenissen in het Midden-Oosten laat zien dat de Palestijnse acties in de VN waarschijnlijk de minste problemen voor ons zijn. De zogenaamde Arabische lente, uitgebroken in de afgelopen winter, sleepte Arabische volken in Noord Afrika en het Midden Oosten mee in een roep om grotere … Read more