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Elections in Israel and America – January 10, 2012

Israeli politics are known for their volatility and unexpectedness. There have only been 6 Israeli governments which served their full term, the last one ending in 1988. The Knesset (Israeli Parliament) generally finds a reason to disband the government before the end of its term and call for full parliamentary elections. Usually, there is ongoing … Read more

Har Bracha: Building and Growing

May 2010 Oodles of children scramble happily on the painted playgrounds and roll down the grassy slopes, their sweet voices echoing in the mountain air. Nearby, sprinklers water the vineyards and Yeshiva Bible students amble by, busily discussing points of Talmudic Law. This happy, thriving scene plays out on the breathtaking, windswept Har Bracha, The … Read more

Meet Alon and Yakir

Road inside Alon On my first day visiting communities, I went to Alon, a community northeast of Jerusalem, along the Jericho Road.  Rabbi Danny Segal and Dikla Zenter met me outside the community in a large parking lot.  Rabbi Segal is the community rabbi and Dikla is the head of social services in the community.  … Read more

Februar 2012

 Februar 2012  in den letzten Wochen hat es in Israel ziemlich viel geregnet. Am Schabbat goss es in der Nacht von Freitag auf Samstag in Strömen. Als wir am Freitagabend von der Synagoge nach Hause zurückkehrten, genossen wir bei einem köstlichen Mahl die Wärme des Esszimmers. Wir unterhielten uns darüber, wo jeder von uns die … Read more