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Newsletters- Part 103

Blessed is He Who Keeps His Promise – April 15, 2012

Today is the day after Passover and everything goes back to normal.  Last night we were up late washing and drying dishes, putting away the Passover dishes and taking out the regular dishes, stripping the beds from the company that stayed with us for the holiday, and starting on the mounds of laundry that always […]

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Christ’s Passion

Here in Colorado Springs a major event each year during Easter season is the performance of “The Thorn”. This is a reenactment of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. I’ve always struggled with this “passion play’ because I’m aware of the violent history that has been associated with Passion Plays. For many centuries Christians have used […]

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The Everlasting Covenant

In the Fall of 2020, Israel entered into historical agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, entitled the Abraham Accords. Recently, Prime Minister Netanyahu paid a secret visit to Saudi Arabia, creating expectations that this important Arab country as well, will enter into a similar agreement with Israel. But the foundation of the Abraham […]

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Reflections on Prayer for Rain

The rains started last week. It was a long dry spell—too long– and when the meteorologists started predicting a storm, it was all people could talk about. The anticipation in the air was almost celebratory… as if an important guest was coming to town, or a popular sporting event was about to begin. The rain […]

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