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Meet Israeli Pioneers – old

  • Chaim Livne –  finally made Aliyah, and it was the first of many dreams to come true.“Living in Israel is creating history, living history,” says Chaim.“Living outside of Israel was like watching history pass you by.”
  • Chaya and Shimon Ben-Dor– “The Ben Dors lived all alone on the isolated hilltop with no running water, electricity or basic services…”
  • Laurence Beziz– “Laurence returned to witness the destruction firsthand: ‘It was the only way to achieve some sense of closure. Witnessing the physical destruction was the only thing that could make something as outrageous as my whole life coming apart, real for me…'”
  • David Goldman- “‘There aren’t many important pieces of art here. We don’t exhibit gold and silver. What we DO have are broken shards of clay that tell a story of a people,'” maintains David Goldman…
  • Raphaella Segal– “‘The area was so barren,'” recalls Raphaella, “‘that birds did not even fly overhead. And our families thought we were crazy. Until they came to visit. When we thanked them for coming, they told us with tears in their eyes that they had to thank us – for the inspiration our spirit and dedication gave them…'”
  • Sarita Maoz- “Sarita and Dror crawled into their house, wounded, seeking cover. Miraculously, the children remained under their beds. The oldest daughter, who was only 6 at the time, kept her 2 and 3-year old brother and sister quiet in order to prevent the terrorist from targeting them…”
  • Michal Hallel- “‘ I look around Kedumim, bursting with young families, new homes, synagogues, schools, stores… and I realize that nothing stands in the way of a strong will…”‘
  • Jay Shapiro- “‘When you strip everything else away, the primary facet of my character is being a Jew’ is the way Jay best describes himself…”
  • Sandy Kaufman -“Sandy Kaufman meets CFOIC Heartland groups in Bet Yatir and often shares her own personal story with them. They love her passion, her optimism and her openness. But Sandy says that she, too, gets so much from meeting the wonderful people of CFOIC Heartland. She is moved that so many Christians are willing to come visit…”
  • Shani Simkowitz – “Two years ago Shani found a way to combine her degrees in Education and Theater and became a medical clown. She visits children in Jerusalem hospitals, cheering the terminally sick or those wounded in acts of terror. She now oversees the training of a new generation of medical clowns in a program called ‘The Heart’s Joy’…”
  • Rabbi Natan Greenberg – “The combination of Rabbi Natan’s Lively past and his steady soulsearching has made him a teacher who can relate to these young men. Theyouth of Israel are very attracted by the idea that G-d can be servedintensely and with joy, without blocking out the modern world….”
  • Chana Idels – “By the time they had two small children Chana and Tzvi moved to KiryatArba- the first Jewish neighborhood in Hebron- where they live to thisday. For the past 35 years Chana has been the assistant treasurer ofKiryat Arba. There are now more than 5,000 people living in the town,and pride mixes with regret when she realizes she no longer knowseveryone she meets on the streets…”
  • Gershon Yonah – “On the roof of the Kfar Darom synagogue Gershon pledged faithfulness to God. He now wears a skullcap and observes the Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Gershon has kept in touch with the people of Gush Katif, giving support, offering aid, and guiding them through the mind-boggling intricacies and frustrations of a bureaucracy that wasn’t prepared to help…”