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Emanuel A. Winston

Emanuel A. Winston
Mid East Analyst & Commentator

The letter attached below was written by Emanuel Winston, an American Jew who is a strong supporter of Israel. He has directed this letter to Christian friends in the US and is asking them to speak out on behalf of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria and on behalf of a united Jerusalem, before it is too late.

Dear friends, in the US and around the world – there is a great deal that you can do to help us. Read this letter and get involved. Although Mr. Winston’s specific ideas are directed to an American audience, those of you in other countries can adapt many of these ideas to the political culture in your own countries. Phone, e-mail and fax your political leaders, in whatever country you reside, but especially if you are in Europe or the US. Raise your voices on behalf of Biblical Israel. You have supported these communities – please help us ensure that the communities remain in place, and continue to grow, forever!

Sondra Oster Baras
Director, Israel Office
CFOIC Heartland

No doubt you have been observing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s efforts to pull together what amounts to an International Court of Inquisition to judge the fate of the Jewish State of Israel and impose upon her conditions for survival.

If you do not wish the State of Israel to be re-partitioned and surrendered to the Muslim Arabs, you will have to step forward. It will be too late once the judgements are rendered and given the cloak of legitimacy through the organizations of World Powers.

Christians in America have a great deal of moral and political power which is very persuasive when utilized. Perhaps you will agree to bring that power out of the column of potential and into the column of applied power. I am, of course, speaking of the current Administration and the American Congress.

This is what the Land and People of Israel face.

Rice (with the counsel of James Baker III) wishes to pacify radical Islam by re-partitioning Israel at first transferring Judea and Samaria (Israel’s biblical heartland) to the Muslim Arab Palestinians. That includes one/third of Israel drinking water from the Samarian and Judean mountain aquifers. Then Rice/Bush/Baker plan to abandon the Golan Heights and the second/third of Israel fresh water resources to Syria – on the unlikely chance that Syria will cease its terrorist attacks on Israel and Lebanon through their proxy, the Hezb’Allah and sending terrorists into Iraq to kill American soldiers and Iraqi citizens (soldiers and civilians).

Then C. Rice wishes to transfer over to the Muslim Arab Palestinians the Jordan Valley which has been a natural barrier to any attack by armies and armor from the long eastern border. Just across this long valley sits Jordan with only 5 entry passes through its long mountain range for invading armies from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and/or Saudi Arabia to invade.

(Note! The U.S. has recently signed an agreement to assist Jordan go nuclear, ignoring the fact that when (not IF) the King is overthrown by Jordan’s 80% Palestinian population, these nuclear facilities will fall into the hands of a united Hamas and Fatah, plus those states listed above.)

Another entry into the international meddling mix is Japan, who offers to fund an agricultural, industrial Park in the hotter climate of the Jordan Valley due to its below sea level topography. They plan on Israel to supply the water to grow vegetables and fruits which could supply Jordan, the Arab Muslim States and Europe by being transshipped through the Muslim Arab Gulf States. So, Israel loses another crucial defense barrier and bread basket – like the Jews had well-developed in Gush Katif/Gaza – as well as her water and the profits.

Once these four strategic areas are acquired by the Muslim Arabs, they will be lined with missiles, able to devastate the coastal cities of Israel where 80% of her population lives and works – as well as the Ben Gurion International Airport which will then be made vulnerable to easy attack.

You have seen, no doubt, the Kassam Rockets launched daily from the Gaza Global Terror Base. This tragic event was forecast by all who petitioned against surrendering Gush Katif/Gaza and evacuating the 10,000 – 16,000 Jewish men, women and children.

You know that Hezb’Allah in Lebanon now have re-armed with 20,000 Katyusha Rockets, after 4000 were launched at Israel’s northern cities, towns and villages last summer during what is called the Second Lebanon War killing and wounding civilians and soldiers.

There is much more but this outlines what Israel faces in the near future IF events continue.

The Bush Administration and C. Rice have also put the “status of Jerusalem” on the bargaining table to be butchered in order to give the second Palestinian State its capital. They plan that to be all the areas in Jerusalem that Jordan occupied and desecrated for 19 years from 1948 to 1967. If you think, O, that’s only “East” Jerusalem where the Arabs live, you are very wrong. They plan to re-occupy all the North, South and “East” (which includes Israel’s Jewish Temple Mount). That includes all the new Jewish neighborhoods and their homes as well.

Who will take over these homes? They have included all the descendants of the Muslim Arabs who fled Israel in 1948. That was 480,000 people then but, they “claim” to have multiplied to 5 million (or more). You do the math.

All of this is listed in the Declaration of Principles, which has all the hallmarks of having been probably written by the State Department. See at the conclusion of this essay.

To accomplish this re-division of Israel in a phased program of extinction, Rice and the U.S. State Department have assembled what can only be described as a Court of latter day Inquisition.

At this time that includes the so-called Quartet created by and including the U.S. State Department who have tried to undermine and eliminate the Jewish State of Israel since her birth.

The E.U. (European Union) has a record includes culpability for centuries of anti-Semitism, culminating in the Holocaust – through today with its donor monies supporting the Terrorist Arab organizations, nations and proxies.

Then the U.N. (United Nations) 3/4s of the countries in the U.N. vote countless resolutions against Israel and America. The U.N., of course, includes the whole Arab League – the leaders of which are 12 key Arab Muslim states: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen and Syria. The Arab League operates as a collective but each of these countries also has its own individual agenda regarding Israel. Remember that Syria was just voted in as Deputy Chairman of the U.N. Human Rights Watch this year. And, the U.N. accords full dignity to today’s Hitler, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while the U.N.’s IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency has “closed” the issue of Iran’s Nuclear Weapons. Needless to say, very well-armed Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran stand out as implacable hostiles to the whole West and Israel.

The fourth leg of the Quartet is Russia. It is no secret that Russia has always been hostile to its Jewish population. Now, President Putin has joined Syria and Iran who sponsor, fund, train, safe-house Hezb’Allah who attack Lebanon, Israel and to infiltrate Iraq to kill American soldiers and Iraqi citizens (both soldiers, police and civilians).

Rice coached by Baker, who is no friend of Israel or Jews generally, wants Israel to divide her already minuscule land mass for a second state to be called Palestine. They would also insist on forcing Israel to receive the descendants of the Arab Muslims who left in 1948. The demographics which the U.N. records is that 480,000 left and now 5 million or more who (say they) wish to return.

Jerusalem is a tragic story unto herself. While Muslim Arabs never considered Jerusalem a holy place, given that it was rejected by Mohammed as the direction of prayer was reversed from facing Jerusalem to facing Mecca – wherever in the world they were. Nevertheless as a strategy of Koranic War for a Global Islamic Caliphate, Jerusalem is now being claimed as Islam’s third holiest city with Mecca and Medina before it. The Koran doesn’t mention Jerusalem even once, but it is spoken of 667 times in the Torah (the Jewish Bible) and the highest Holy City of the Jewish people.

For reasons of their historic legacy, Bush and Rice are desperate to be recorded in History as having made a difference and brought democracy to Islam. This is to be accomplished by assembling all of Israel’s dedicated enemies in a so-called International Peace Conference or Kangaroo Court setting. Rice has easily recruited such weak Jews as Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres, and Ehud Barak who neither honor the Land of Israel which was given to Jewish people by G-d in perpetuity. The idea of there being a G-d is extremely offensive to Rice’s recruits. Fortunately, there are Torah-observant Jews who love the Land and will defend it for the Jewish people.

So, as friends of Israel, there are many things you can do.

  1. A possible Conference of Christian leaders in an emergency session in Washington – where its weight will reach the U.S. State Department – the driving force behind this assault on Israel.
  2. Explain to President Bush and Secretary Rice that crushing Israel could very well lose the Republican Party the vital support it needs in coming elections.
  3. Speak to the candidates of both parties who are running for election and ask them to intercede before the November convention that Rice has assembled.
  4. For those who truly believe, speak about how this sacrilegious contradicts the Word of G-d and will not benefit the good people of our own America.

No doubt, you have your own ways and ideas of how to speak to our U.S. Government in a persuasive way. If those attending this so-called Peace Conference vote penalties, embargoes, insertion of NATO troops, it will be too late.

Thanks you for what we hope you will do.

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