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Store - Part 2

Here you can purchase resources to educate yourself and others about the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Titus, Trump, and the Triumph of Israel

$327.36 Donated

In this book, Josh Reinstein, who through his initiative of faith-based diplomacy is at the center of this tension, takes a unique approach to explaining what lies behind the recent wave of support for Israel and the counter force.

What Made Caleb Different?

$12.74 Donated

Find out WHY Caleb didn’t come back from scouting out the land of Israel with a bad report.  Why did he have faith to believe God?  Can you apply this same principle to your life and over come giants, mountains, and fortified cities to claim your inheritance and see God’s purposes and plans fulfilled in your life?

Who will kill the Spiders – By Margy Pezdirtz

$26.48 Donated

Sometimes life, as we have known it, comes to a screeching halt through circumstances that we have no control over. Who Will Kill the Spiders is the story of a couple who are faced with overwhelming life changes due to a sudden health crisis.