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Emergency and Security Projects

Emergency and Security Projects represent some of our more pressing, urgent needs. Sometimes a specific community is missing emergency supplies such as medical equipment; or, security equipment, which can be anything from handheld radios to vehicles, fencing, and security perimeter lighting. These items can mean the difference between life and death as the rapid response teams and other emergency staff and volunteers remain vigilant to protect the men, women and children of Judea and Samaria from terrorist attacks, road accidents, and other emergency situations.

Alon Surveillance Cameras

$34,600.00 Donated
$34,600.00 Goal

Emergency equipment is key to protecting this isolated community. With your donation today, you can help the remarkable people of Alon stand proud, safe and strong as they build their homes and raise their families on this beautiful piece of God’s land.

Argaman Security

$5,170.00 Donated
$5,170.00 Goal

The people of Argaman have poured so much of themselves into their community, turning it into a beautiful paradise founded on their ancestral, Biblical land. Now they are turning to you for help. Please join us in providing vital security equipment for Argaman’s rapid response team, so we can help the families of this wonderful community thrive in safety.


$21,035.00 Donated
$21,035.00 Goal

Security is not a luxury; it is a necessity. And we need your help to ensure that Dolev has the security equipment they need. Without a functioning radio system, the rapid responders of Dolev will not be able to stop the violent terrorists who are so eager to infiltrate the community.

Einav Security

$92,225.83 Donated
$243,381.00 Goal

Einav continues to grow in its dedication to a life of faith while building families and homes on God’s holy soil. But safety and security have become real concerns and CFOIC Heartland has been asked to help Einav purchase and install a vitally necessary surveillance system made up of cameras, radar, and electrical infrastructure — a must for keeping the people of this wonderful community safe and secure!

Havot Yair Surveillance

$5,296.00 Donated
$12,975.00 Goal

Havot Yair is a special place full of special people with a deep sense of purpose but surrounded by terrorists. Getting advance warning of an approaching terrorist can mean the difference between life and death. Your gift today to purchase a vital surveillance drone and to support the youth-sponsored soldiers’ club will mean a safer, better protected community.

Hebron Hills: Fire-Fighting

$5,999.95 Donated
$114,160.00 Goal

Arson has become a favorite weapon of terrorists, and the people in the small communities south of Hebron have suffered terribly from Arab arson. Their homes are threatened. Lives are at stake. And you can help. Your donation for fire-fighting equipment in the Hebron Hills will literally save lives!

Hermesh: In Pursuit of Safety

$24,915.00 Donated
$24,915.00 Goal

Hermesh is asking you to help them purchase the vital emergency equipment they need for their volunteer Rapid Response Team. Having the ability to communicate with every team member quickly and efficiently saves lives.

Karnei Shomron Emergency

$53,635.00 Donated
$53,635.00 Goal

Your gift to Karnei Shomron will supply crucial support for the various emergency response personnel and provide vital emergency and medical equipment to make them that much more effective at their jobs. Your contribution will save lives

Kedumim Security

$101,414.01 Donated
$139,580.00 Goal

Kedumim’s residents come to this special area in fulfillment of their belief in the divine promise of a Jewish return to all areas of Biblical Israel, and they continue to expand the boundaries of the community, building neighborhoods and public institutions, spanning several far-flung hilltops that surround Kedumim. You can help keep these wonderful families safe and become part of their dream to settle the Land of Israel.

Leshem – Surveillance Cameras

$32,925.00 Donated
$69,870.00 Goal

To protect their children from very real danger, the people of Leshem are turning to you. Help them purchase the vitally important surveillance equipment to keep an eagle-eyed watch on their surroundings.