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Community Projects - Part 2

Community Projects enable donors from all over the world to assist the communities in Judea and Samaria with their most basic needs. Each project includes a detailed description of the community and its specific need, as well as a budget that indicates the financial components of the project. Whether you are able to donate funds to cover the entire project or can donate a small amount towards a project, your contribution will make a real difference in the ability of the community to provide a vital need to its residents. The CFOIC Heartland Israel office supervises the distribution of funds and completion of the project. Once completed, a plaque is hung in a prominent place indicating that the project has been funded by Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, a testament to the practical import of Christian support for Israel.

Kiryat Arba: Museum Programming for Seniors

$7,555.00 Donated
$10,245.00 Goal

Senior citizens represent our connection to familial roots; with your help, these familial roots will also become Biblical roots. Bless a senior citizen with the gift of reconnection today.

Leshem – Archaeological Park

$10,210.00 Goal

The people of Leshem seek to develop and grow their relationship to the Biblical Heartland and its antiquities.

Mechola – Leaving a Legacy

$4,260.00 Donated
$4,260.00 Goal

The pioneers of Mechola need your help to effectively tell the story of their sacrifice, hard work, and efforts that became the thriving agricultural community of Mechola.

Neve Zuf – Rising from the ashes

$4,252.85 Donated
$62,280.00 Goal

Terrorists burned down seventeen homes in Neve Zuf, but they will never burn down the ideology that inspired the creation of this special community.

Otniel Social Center

$3,733.39 Donated
$6,150.00 Goal

The people of Otniel are true pioneers. All they ask for is the privilege of continuing to raise their families in Biblical Israel, to teach and thrive and grow in the land of their heritage. This community center will strengthen the community bonds that help see these incredible people through hard times and tragedy by giving them a place to come together in happiness and safety. Your gift today will support them as they continue their holy work.

Samaria Family Assistance Program

$105,099.30 Donated
$118,000.00 Goal

CFOIC Heartland is asking you to give these families hope. Your donation today will put food on their tables and help give them a future filled with pride, confidence, self-respect and purpose