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Heartland Highlight - Part 2

Each month, CFOIC Heartland chooses one of our many community projects to highlight for that month. It always represents a real and pressing need of that community and gives you the opportunity to support a different community each month.

Hemdat Gymboree – February 2020

$333.71 Donated
$10,300.00 Goal

Moms and Dads in Hemdat are asking you to help them purchase the Gymboree and playground equipment they need. Keeping their babies and toddlers in a safe place that is close to home is a high priority for every mom and dad in Hemdat.

Hermesh: In Pursuit of Safety

$24,915.00 Donated
$24,915.00 Goal

Hermesh is asking you to help them purchase the vital emergency equipment they need for their volunteer Rapid Response Team. Having the ability to communicate with every team member quickly and efficiently saves lives.